Need Help Managing Your Symptoms in Anderson or Piedmont, SC?

Include medicine for depression or anxiety in your treatment plan

Therapy alone helps some Piedmont and Anderson, SC residents manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, but many patients benefit from talking to a psychiatrist and taking psychiatric medicine. The team at Dana L Wiley, MD PA can help you determine which medicine for depression or anxiety is right for you.

Let us know if you're allergic to certain medications or are taking any other medications so we can prevent an adverse reaction. Make an appointment with us at your convenience.

Other conditions we can treat

Other conditions we can treat

In addition to prescribing medicine for depression and anxiety, we create custom treatment plans for Anderson and Piedmont, SC patients who are dealing with...

  • ADHD
  • Schizophrenia
  • Opiate dependence
Visit the SUBOXONE Treatment page now to learn how taking psychiatric medicine can help you break free of addiction.