Quit Using Opiates for Good With SUBOXONE Treatment

We can prescribe SUBOXONE for addiction in Piedmont or Anderson, SC

Opiates are among the most abused prescription drugs in America. Because withdrawal symptoms can be severe, attempting to quit cold-turkey can be dangerous. Here's the good news: Dana L Wiley, MD PA offers SUBOXONE for addiction, allowing Anderson and Piedmont, SC residents to give up opiates once and for all.

SUBOXONE treatment works by...

  • Reducing cravings
  • Decreasing withdrawal symptoms
  • Blocking the effect of other opioids temporarily
We can also prescribe SUBUTEX if needed. Contact us today to find out if SUBUTEX or SUBOXONE treatment is right for you.

$200 Suboxone Treatment

Same prescription, Better Price

Give your loved one unconditional support

Suboxone treatment Piedmont, SC

Give your loved one unconditional support

Your loved one shouldn't overcome opioid dependence by themselves. While they're taking SUBOXONE for addiction, consider enrolling in family therapy to work through your struggles together.

Contact us today for Suboxone treatment or to sign up for psychiatric therapy services in Piedmont or Anderson, SC.